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 Bernal's Carpet Care: About     We have served    San Diego's North County since 1992!       The  reputation we have earned providing quality  carpet cleaning services in  the North County, San Diego area is very important  to us. We will work  hard to maintain our reputation as the highest quality  carpet and  upholstery cleaning service in the NCSD area. With over 2,000  Local  Residences in the North County of San Diego area cleaned...many for the  2nd, 3rd,  4th, 5th, ---20th time!

Bernal's Carpet Care uses the very best  truck mounted steam cleaning system with the highest quality  cleaning  materials available today.  Call us to find out who on your block has  used our service!      We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.     

Bernal's Carpet Care  offers a professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning service in and  around  the North County of San Diego area. The company has been  operation since 1992  and has considerable knowledge, experience, and  expertise in the  Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning business, which it utilizes  to the benefit of its  customers. This expertise combined with a  commitment to offer the service in  punctual, reliable and professional  manner assures our customers of a quality  service.

          Truck-Mounted steam cleaning is the preferred method used by  Bernal' Carpet  Cleaning as in our experience over the past 14 years, to  be the safest and most  effective cleaning method available while at  the same time allowing carpets and  upholstery to be back in use in a  very short time we use state of the art  equipment combined with top of  the range cleaning agents to further increase  the effectiveness’ of the  cleaning method.

Carpets & Upholstery are equally suited to the  steam, cleaning  method and the process is further enhanced by inclusion  of a deodorizing  service at no extra cost.

Stain Protection is an additional service which helps  extend the  benefits of cleaning to your Carpet & Upholstery. The  treatment works by  forming an invisible shield across your  Carpets/Upholstery, thereby reducing  the chances of stains becoming  permanent; it also makes it more difficult for  general dirt and grease  to stick to the carpet, and makes vacuuming an easier  task.

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